/8 new Google Assistant features that make it much more power…

8 new Google Assistant features that make it much more power…

The Google Assistant was the star of Google I/O for the second year in a row. Now that the technology has been available for well over a year, Google is adding numerous features that will expand the AI’s reach in Google’s quest to dominate your home.

In other words, expect to be talking to your phone a lot more in the coming years.

Visual responses with Chromecast

Getting voice answers Google Home or your phone is fine and all, but sometimes it helps to have a visual aid. Google is leveraging Chromecast to do just that.

Now if you ask the Assistant something like “what’s the weather” or “what’s on my calendar,” it can display answers right on your TV. Having information displayed on a screen is allows the Assistant to provide a bit more information and context, such as extended forecasts or future appointments at a glance. And considering I’d imagine most people who own Google Home also have a Cast-enabled display, this should be easy to set up.

Third-party features to take on Alexa

Google Home’s biggest weakness against the Echo (or the Assistant vs Alexa) has always been its lack of third party support. Alexa’s Skills SDK allowed developers to integrate Amazon’s assistant into a variety of hardware. Then Google announced the Assistant is getting its own SDK, and the playing field became a lot more level.