/Baseball Bat-Wielding Thugs Unknowingly Take On MMA Fighter …

Baseball Bat-Wielding Thugs Unknowingly Take On MMA Fighter …

When you’re a testosterone-fuelled thug, it is easy to make the assumption that you can terrorize anyone and everyone and get away with it. Instead of living by the law, you reek havoc on unsuspecting members of the public until you inevitably end up behind bars.

I grew up in an area rife with thugs. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of seeing firework-filled trashcans explode. On the last Christmas Day I spent in my hometown, thugs decided to smash up cars in my neighbourhood with golf clubs.

Last year, a friend of mine worked with some of these men, and when she tried informing them about what they could potentially do with their lives, she was defiantly told by a teenager with a sliced eyebrow that all he wanted to do in life was become a “top dog” in prison.

Life goals.

Maybe this young man would have taken my friend’s advice seriously if he had been shown this now viral dashcam footage.

It features two baseball bat-wielding thugs who get a lot more than they bargained for when they got into a heated confrontation with another motorist.

If you’re a driver, then you will know how frustrating road rage can be. People often make risky decisions on the road which not only endanger their lives, but the lives of others too. But regardless of what inspired this attack, the thugs had no right to turn violent.

After all, they had no idea who they were messing with…

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