I have wanted to write my blog for quite some time now,…
but because of several reasons (lile no time is always)it couldn’t be possible until today. And now that I am finally one step ahead and about to write my first sentence into my first post, I believe a few things are going to happen and to be constant through all my posts, like I have wanted from any blog post – they are going to be crisp, practical and easily comprehensible and something you can find objective use of in your daily lives.

Well different people have different motivations and objectives behind blogging.

-Blogging gets you to meet more people and meet people better.

Well there is Facebook, Twitter and all that but they are very limited. You are friends on Facebook with your close friends, your good friends, your school friends, your family friends and with some of your relatives and colleagues and occasionally become friends with new people you meet.But what about the rest? What about those people who are not on your friends list and people whom you are unlikely to meet ever in your life, but are very like minded, motivated by the same ways you are, excited by the same things you are and trying to do what you are?
Blogging gives you an opportunity.  An opportunity and a voice that helps you reach out to those people whom otherwise you would never have known. And its easier each day to do this, i.e. to reach out to more people through only the internet.

So… Welcome to my blog!