/Drunk Girlfriend Trashes Cheating Partner’s Car, Then She Lo…

Drunk Girlfriend Trashes Cheating Partner’s Car, Then She Lo…

We have all done ridiculous things under the influence of alcohol, most of which we regret the next morning when we awake with a pounding head and minor injuries. For 38-year-old Christine Ann Potten, her regret was instantaneous after she realized that the car she was vandalizing belonged to an unknown neighbor and not her “cheating partner”.

The incident occurred at 1am after Potten, from Dorset in England, returned home from drinking with her partner. Upon arriving at the house, she thought she saw her boyfriend’s vehicle outside another property. Infuriated by the thought that he was cheating on her, she began to attack the vehicle.

In a violent rage Potten threw herself at the silver Peugeot 307, pulling off the wing mirrors and scratching the paintwork. Bemused neighbors in the area were woken to the sound of the attack on September 19. Upon looking out of the window, one neighbor called out to let her know that it wasn’t her boyfriend’s car.

Mortified, Potten then walked home leaving a trail of blood behind her after she cut herself during the incident.

Police were called to the scene to survey the damage. They were quickly able to track Potten due to the spots of blood which she had left on the sidewalk. Upon arriving at her house, Potten answered the door with blood trickling down her finger.

“I’m a naughty girl, aren’t I?” she said to officers as they took the 38-year-old into custody.

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