Kate Middleton Showcases Her Super Mom Skills After Princess…

It’s often said that nothing compares to a mother’s love. Moms really are superheroes in their own right. After all, they not only have to carry you in their womb for nine months but spend the next 18 years working tirelessly to give you the best possible start in life.

Even though Kate Middleton is Royalty, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t got her fair share of mom duties too. Sure, her kids might have a nanny and more toys than your average toddler could dream of owning, but they still rely on their mom when things get tough.

This is something which the great British public have seen time and time again on public outings. Whether it’s Kate carefully holding her kids’ hands to make them feel safe and secure in front of the cameras, or pulling her best “serious mom face” when they misbehave.

Now, Kate has proven that she’s really a supermom once again on the balcony of Buckingham Palace of places. This is because Princess Charlotte, aged three, ended up taking a tumble, and like any good mom, she immediately sprung into action to help her.

To see Kate’s lightning fast reflexes for yourself, check out the video below:


What exactly were the Royals doing on the balcony? Well, they were watching Trooping the Colour, an annual celebration of the Queen’s birthday. In case you don’t already know, she’s just turned 92 and was declared the longest reigning monarch in history in 2015.

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