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#SocialSkim: Snapchat Intros Live Video; Facebook Courts Cre…

This week’s ‘Skim: Snapchat will bring live video to its app for the first time (but you shouldn’t get excited); Facebook to ease access to Facebook Watch; Snapchat launches e-commerce store so you can buy dancing hot dog plushies, records record growth that sends stock price skyrocketing; all about the brand winners and losers of Super Bowl LII; how brands can take advantage of Instagram’s new carousel ad unit for Stories; Facebook patents technology to determine socioeconomic status of users; and much more…

Skim to stay in step!

1. Snapchat announces live video integration, but you won’t be able to use it

Snapchat’s going to insert livestreamed video—snippets of NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage—into its app this week, but that doesn’t mean live video capabilities are coming to normal users, or even brands. It’s the first time ever the social network will incorporate live video streams into its offering,

But Snap wants to be clear: Its users aren’t asking for livestreaming, and the company sees little use cases for users to have it. Instead, the social messaging platform foresees streaming only the most important bits of live events, like the Oscar for Best Picture.

That’s part a refreshing change from every social network following the livestream trend, and part a back-handed slap at Facebook, which hasn’t seen much in terms of quality broadcasts.

Check out, below, how Snapchat’s live video will work!