/This Strange Conspiracy Claims Toy Story 3 Is Actually Marxi…

This Strange Conspiracy Claims Toy Story 3 Is Actually Marxi…

We’ve all heard some crazy conspiracy theories in our time, however, some are more outlandish than others. I personally don’t believe that the Queen is a lizard, or that Barack Obama was actually Osama Bin Laden, but some people do, and that’s fine (as long as they don’t physically act upon it).

I do have an interest in other theories though, of which I won’t bore you with. But on the whole, I tend to think a lot of conspiracy theories are a load of BS.

But when I was at university, I did a presentation where I analysed Toy Story 3 from a Marxist perspective, and everyone looked at me like I was a freak. However, prepare to have egg on your face fellow students, because it turns out I’m not the only person who has noticed this side to the movie.

Pixar have a long-running feud with western society. They often critique the way we go about our business and look at the state we are leaving our planet in, for example; Wall-E and Finding Nemo feature clear criticisms of our wastefulness and lack of compassion for our planet. But, Toy Story 3 critiques humanity in a more discreet manner, with certain characters in the movie representing the flaws in the western world.

My reason for exploring the relationship between Marxism and the film is simple: Toy Story is my favourite film series of all time, the movies represent a large part of my childhood, and Marxism is a socioeconomic analysis that I find immensely interesting.

Amazingly, it turns out I was the only person who saw Marxist connotations running through the film. Another person has also noticed this political theme, and unlike me, has found the whole thing massively infuriating. Chris Bogue, an improv performer who has taken a clear disliking to Toy Story’s political undertones, took to his improv group’s website to write a long post about how disgraceful the whole thing is.

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